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This War Of Mine Cheats

This is the latest update from our team as seen on our FB page and gaming forum, we have tested this out with over 50,000 +  of our subscribers and have amazing feedback. The cheats offer the below features.

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Our cheats are compatible with any OS software, we update it daily which removes any chance of being detected too.

How To Succeed With Our This War Of Mine Cheats

You will not find better cheats for This War Of Mine online compared to us, simply based on the fact that we update ours every morning, most other trainers are released one time and then left to be detected and that’s a fact.

The best thing about our trainer is that it’s never actually installed into your computer, this is why our subscribers like to use our releases, there is zero risk of virus nor problems.

We decided to code this in C++ since it allows us to be more adventurous, when we created the tables of code we realized that by adding the auto update it means you won’t need to download it over and over again, once you have installed the cheat it will update without you having to touch it.

We always release our shares for without any charges whatsoever, the only thing we ask is that you share it with your friends and help us spread the word of our projects. We simply enjoy hearing good feedback since we can then use that for all future releases too.

Our team have over 10 years experience in software development, the This War Of Mine trainer request was sent in to us by Samantha over at Quora (see the testimonials page)  where we answer lots of questions and take up many new projects.

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We hope you enjoy using our This War Of Mine cheats release and take the time to send us in some feedback. Thanks for checking us out and taking the time to read our post.

If you are looking for a war game that gives you a completely new perspective on fighting and survival, look no further than This War of Mine. This unique game allows you to see war from the angle of the civilians rather than an elite fighting soldier. Now for the first time, see what it feels like to survive in a crumbling city as snipers try to take you out during the day while you protect what little you have.

During the evening you can scavenge the ruins of the city looking for necessities to keep you alive. Your conscious will be the driving force in many of the life-and-death decisions you are forced to make, but rest assured, these This War of Mine trainer should help you to protect those around you and survive the onslaught that is coming.

This War of Mine Hints
In order to survive in your shelter longer and protect those around you, it is clear you are going to need a little help of your own to get you to build up some confidence that you have a sliver of chance to make it out of this hell. These This War of Mine hacks will help you to progress further in the game and possibly gain some control.

• Toggle to the “Our Things” section and pay close attention to this list frequently. The list updates with the shelter’s inventory, providing you an accurate summarized list of all the pro’s and the con’s of the shelter as well as survivors.
• One of the first things you must do is build a radio. Check the radio daily for any news or weather updates. Don’t turn it off, leave on the classic music to give you a much-needed morale boost during your day.
• Once the game has started, you will be given random survivors. The ones you want on your side are Marin the handyman, Bruno the cook, Roman the fighter, and Marko. If your team looks weak, simply restart the game until your crew looks like they can help your long journey. 
• During the night you will be scavenging the city for much needed items. If you feel your trip was unsuccessful, you can quit and then restart again from that morning.
• This is one of the This War of Mine cheats that will help you get further in the game. If while you are out scavenging, one of your best survivor dies, quickly hit the Alt+F4 button to stop the game before tomorrow loads. This game auto-saves at the beginning of each new day.
• Put things you scavenge in a container rather than the invisible contain in the “Our Things” section. Choose one container, keep on item in it, this will make that container able to be looted. At the end of the day, put everything you scavenged in that container. Leave out weapons so the survivors can defend themselves in case of attack. Be sure when a new day begins, one survivor access that container, click “Grab All”, putting back any items. 

This War of Mine Fighting Hints
The learning curve for fighting in This War of Mine has a very steep leaning curve. The best advice is to jump right into the battle and gain those battle scars as you go. These This War of Mine trainer will help you get further and build up the skills needed to advance much further in the game.

• One of the best ways to advance in the game is to kill in stealth mode. Quietly killing the opponent works best, so using your knife will get the job done here. Get close to an enemy and wait until they are near enough where the knife circle turns yellow. Then stab the enemy in the back for massive damage and a quiet kill. 
• To increase your fighting potential, gather melee weapons and use them as often as possible. These will be some of the strongest weapons you will find and can also be used in combination with your firearm to further increase your fighting potential. 
• Attracting guards and sprinting in certain areas will draw in these enemies to your hiding zone. Retreat, then wait for them to be close enough where you can use your back stabbing attack. This tactic will lessen the herd and help to improve your chances of survival.
• Never get into a fight without being prepared or you will wind up in bed for three days consuming all your bandages. Go to any fight with an armored vest and helmet, especially a fire fight. Taking cover reduces your injuries, it doesn’t prevent them. 

The Art of Scavenging
Scavenging is less about gathering things as fast as you can an more about using a strategic plan to make the most of this opportunity to replenish supplies and let the injured survivors get their rest. These This War of Mine hack will allow you to get the most of growing your supplies and exploring new regions.

• As darkness falls, only send out a survivor who is wearing the largest backpack at the time. This will allow you to get the most items in the least amount of time. Let the survivor leave the shelter between 3 and 4 in the morning to encounter the least resistance. 
• Once out in the danger zone, begin scavenging for fire wood, medicine, and food. The best way to get more items is start in areas considered the least dangerous. As you gather needed supplies, slowly begin branching out that comfort zone until the backpack is full and then retreat back to the safety of the shelter.
• One important This War of Mine hack that might seem counter productive is to bring along tools before you venture out. Even though you lose a little space, the process of scavenging will go much faster and lessen the chance of you getting spotted by the enemy. 

The environment outside will be most treacherous during the night, so it is important to not let your guard down just because you can move in stealth mode more easily. Although these This War of Mine cheats are designed to get you further in the game, common sense also goes a very long way too. Keeping the survivors rested during the day so they can be ready to fight at night is key, it will also allow them to protect the resources you have been gathering throughout the game.

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